My Bank Manager worries about on-line purchases. But no problem.

Much as we at Ma P’tite Culotte enjoy a   giggle, day-dreaming or singing in the bath, we’re desperately serious about your money and ours. We opted for the highly reputed Stripe secure on-line payment system. They are the trusted partner of our bank, BNP Paribas.

How exactly does it work?

The Stripe solution relies on powerful data encryption protocols that ensure the confidentiality of your financial data and meet the security specifications of international financial institutions Visa, MasterCard and American Express. When your bank card number is requested, you can check you are in a secure zone. Website address is headed « https » and a closed padlock or key appears bottom right of your browser. Stripe automatically checks the connection is secure before transmitting your financial data. Stripe has been adopted by the largest e-commerce websites: Eurotunnel, Kookaï, Samsung, Celio, Bata, Hom, Aigle, Les Galeries Lafayette, les 3 Suisses, Damart and many more.


I’ve decided I want to wear a trench coat and nothing else for the next 30 days! Can I send my Ma P’tite Culotte underwear back, although it’s just come in by the post?

Of course you can. We are obliged by law to give you 14 days to change your mind, but we give you 30 days to return what you don’t want to keep. Extra time to change your mind can be handy. Perhaps your week-end was longer than planned or you had a hard week at work. What do I do? Noting easier:

1/ Access your order history (My account > History and detail of orders) and select the appropriate order.

2/ In the list, tick the product(s) that you want to return.

3/ In the section "Return process", please provide an explanation for the return. Then click on "Validate your return".

4/ One your return is validated by our team, print the return slip. Here is the address you need to send the return: Ma P'tite Culotte / Les Culottées SAS - 14/16 boulevard Poissonnière 75009 PARIS, France.



Is that the Gallic cock crow I hear? Are we proud to be French at Ma P’tite Culotte?

Of course! We’re passionately committed to the highest quality couture, for which our nation’s craftswomen and men are famed. Unsurpassable quality fabrics. Flattering cut. Neat flexible seaming. Delicate cotton interior. Delightfully finished down to the smallest details. Le chant du coq est mélodieux, n’est-ce pas? (The cockerel’s cry is melodious, is not it?)


I’m longing to get my hands on Ma P’tite Culotte! How and when will delivery be made? What will it cost?

Colissimo and Chronopost are our carriers, they ship worldwide, and we chose them for their quality of service.

Totally free for orders above € 70 (for France and Europe).
* Track delivery status in real time once you’ve received e-mail confirmation of order. Nothing like knowing exactly where your Ma P’tite Culotte is ! 

We ship worldwide.


Ma P’tite Culotte has its own GPS

We confirm order receipt and product shipment by e-mail and give you a parcel tracking number. Colissimo service gives you real time access to times of dispatch, transit and delivery.
*Same day delivery for all orders received by 2pm on weekdays.