Created by women for women, Naïa is all about spreading the self-love! Because slipping into lingerie is where and how you start your day, our designs help you put your best foot forward with a mix of exciting styles, unmistakable comfort and environmental awareness. Our sustainable fabrics and figure-enhancing shapes will stand the test of time – that’s right, even with your busy schedule!



It doesn’t get much more « up close and personal » than lingerie… That’s why at Naïa, we’re serious about providing you with the very best in design and comfort. Beauty is only skin deep… except when it comes to the touch and feel of perfectly tailored underwear!


Imperceptible seams leave no tell-tale VPL, and our innovative “soft support” underwire means your sensitive chest area is getting all the respect it deserves… Not forgetting our hypoallergenic lace, selected for its “barely there” feel. In other words, we put the hug back into “figure-hugging”!


Like you, at Naïa we know that feeling great starts with doing good, so our love of women necessarily extends to mother earth. And as a fashion brand, we’re determined to keep reducing our environmental footprint.


Which is why we favour modal - a cellulose fibre made from beechtree pulp- for our “Essentielle” collection, as well as for the “Fonceur” and “Nomade” boxer shorts.

Our Tshirts are all fashioned in organic cotton, while our lingerie has been awarded Oeko-Tex certification. And we’re just getting started, so watch this space !


Encouraging women to show their true colours wouldn’t mean very much if Naïa itself wasn’t willing to show its own. So, let us be transparent.


When it comes to selecting our trade partners, we take pains to review not only the quality of their services or products, but also to probe their ethics and sustainability track-record. To limit the environmental impact of transport, we source our fabrics close to home : Belgium for all our printed jerseys, and France for most of our lace – if not, then Turkey.


Our collections are brought to life by the same expert hands that craft products for the world’s most exclusive lingerie brands – in Moroccan, Tunisian and Vietnamese workshops, with fair working conditions. And as for the design process, that’s never going to change: it will always be handled by our in-house team, here in Paris. And that’s the naked truth!


Charline Goutal-Redrado’s passion for fashion and love of lingerie has always been about pleasing the self and the senses. Already in 2013, her first designs were created with the aim of offering women a different take on lingerie and the notion of femininity – removed from the exploitative and standardised clichés that so often dominate this most intimate of apparel. An authentic approach embraced by her long-time business partner, Pierre Van Gansen, whose expertise in online retail further helped establish the brand’s digital DNA.


Today Naïa is a champion of natural beauty – our pictures aren’t touched up, our models come in various shapes, ages and sizes and we love nothing more than bodies that tell a personal story – all the better if it has the marks, scars and lines to illustrate it.


Charline and Pierre are both committed to pushing for a new fashion narrative: one in which risk-taking and spontaneity win over timeworn clichés of all-out seduction, and accountability covers not just customer care, but the planet as a whole. Because you don’t have to take yourself seriously, to be serious about taking you there.