Choose the right bottom

To choose the panties (or brief/tanga, or swimsuit!) that will perfectly highlight your beauty, refer simply to the following chart:

Hips measurement (cm) <87 87 to 91 92 to 96 97 to 101 102 to 106
The correct size to choose 34/36 36/38 38/40 40/42 42/44

Hip circumference is measured at the level of the bait: roll your mouse on the photo below (a little French lesson, Tour de hanches = Hips measurement, Tour de poitrine = chest size, Tour de dos = underbust size).

Choose the right bra

You can choose your regular bra size, otherwise follow this simple method in 2 steps.

1. You can measure your underbust size by placing the tape measure just below your bust.

Underbust size (cm) 63 à 67 68 à 72 73 à 77 78 à 82
The correct size to choose 80 85 90 95

2. You can measure your chest size by placing the tape measure on your bust at the nipples. It's the difference between your underbust size and your chest size that will determine your cup size. Example: your chest size is 93 cm and your underbust size is 76 cm (92-75 = 17), you have a C cup.

Chest size (cm) 13 15 17 19
Cup size A B C D

Choose the right bandeau

Choose the perfect bandeau for your breast according to the following chart:

Bra size 75A / 80A / 85A / 90A 80B / 85B / 90B / 80C / 85C / 90C 95C / 80D / 85D
The correct size to choose S M L